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Black Lawyer Confidential: Keys to Success - $14.99
Author: Johnnie L. Finch, Jr., Esq.
Are you an undergraduate student that is considering attending law school? Are you currently attending law school and are curious about how law practice will be once you graduate and start your career? Are you feeling anxious, nervous, or afraid regarding being a minority in the field of law? This book provides an inside perspective of what you should know and expect before, during, and after attending law school.


The author highlights various situations and learning experiences that one may encounter while attending law school, as well as, after becoming a lawyer. Various topics are discussed, ranging from the students and professors, to time management, race relations, and heavy amounts of pressure. You will also gain insight on what to expect as a minority lawyer in the field of law. 


This book is an extremely useful guide that will help prospective and current law students and their parents prepare for the law school academic journey. If you’re unsure whether or not attending law school or becoming a lawyer is the right career choice for you, this book will definitely provide you will much needed wisdom in making your decision. Law school provides an environment that is very different than the more laid back environment that you’ve probably experienced while in undergrad, so you don’t want to be caught off guard. You should read this book to ensure that you are mentally and spiritually prepared before taking that journey!

Black Lives Matter: Disproportionate Minority Contact - $14.99 -
Author: Cherika Wilson

This book discusses race, crime, policy, ethics, and justice in regards to the phenomena of disproportionate minority contact by police officers, which are the gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, overall. America is experiencing a social phenomena where we are witnessing a disproportionate number of African American men, women, and children being sentenced to jail and prison. However, statistics provided in this book posit that these groups of individuals are more likely to be sentenced to jail and prison for lengthier amounts of time than any other race combined due to racism, social inequality, hegemony, trivial stop-and-frisk procedures, as well as poor policing and stereotypical misconceptions regarding African Americans and their propensity to commit violent crimes. 

Game Crazy: Part One - Generations - $14.99
Author: Tyrome Lee, Jr. 

"Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" is more than an urban tale or another "hood story". It is the testimony of a young man's life and the promotion of change and triumph. "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" provides an epic storyline that takes the reader directly to the streets, and offers a firsthand view of how drugs, gangs, and systematic biases impacted a city no individual has ever considered; Seattle. "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" provides a totally different perception of Seattle through the span of three decades. The author gives an in-depth description of how the drug epidemic and gang presence affected families, individuals, and communities in the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, this book depicts the true story of a young man's journey of fighting with social issues such as drugs, addiction, and gang life. This book the beginning of a series and part of a saga. "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" is compelling because it is a true story, based on the lives of Tyrome, members of his family, his closest friends, and various people who grew up in the same neighborhood as him. This book begins with the main character, Tyrome, as a 13-year old boy, getting his first lesson from his father about how to be successful in the street game. Afterwards, it juxtaposes to his father's upbringing and how his parents met. The book then takes the reader through Tyrome's life, over a 30-year span of time. The author carefully describes the sociological and economic changes our society goes through as he experiences gang life, jails, prison, heartbreak, death, addiction, and recovery. This book has a dynamic element that draws the reader in after the opening paragraphs. "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" can be compared to Eldridge Cleaver's, "Soul on Ice", because of the unique writing style and the prolific use of language in describing injustices and multi-generational trauma that people of color experience in the community. The main character's triumphant overcoming of poverty, incarceration, and family dysfunction is similar to the experiences of the main character in Frank McCourt's, "Angela's Ashes". This book is dynamic and the beginning of a generational trilogy. The writing style is unique, the language is original, and the story is inspirational! "Game Crazy: Part Two - Jurisdiction", will be published and released shortly after "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations".  

365 Days of Enlightenment - $15.99
Author: Cherika Wilson

"365 Days of Enlightenment" is a daily reader that aims to enlighten, motivate, and teach. There is a short African proverb, motivational quote, life lesson, philosophical or sociological quote, health tip, or history lesson for each day of the year. The reader should aim to read the writing that is ascribed for each calendar day and incorporate it into their daily routine, utilize it as a motivational factor, or simply become more enlightened or knowledgeable. For the most part, this book has an African American background, however, it could be read and utilized by any ethnicity and reader. 

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