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Game Crazy is a biographical depiction of triumph over gangs, drugs, and murder. This book is unique because it highlights various social issues that occurred in Seattle during the 80’s and 90’s, and how these various social phenomena affected one young man’s life, in particular. Follow Tyrome, as he describes how he became a product of his environment and engaged in a life of crime. It didn’t look like Tyrome had much of a chance of survival and success, due to being raised in a community ravished by gangs, drugs, and discriminatorily biased laws that ruined families and crumbled his community beyond repair. As rival street gangs go to war over territorial differences, lives get lost and the prison system becomes filled with people of color more frequently. Mandatory drug laws target a certain demographic of people and sentence non-violent offenders to lengthy prison sentences for small amounts of any particular drug.


“I have watched as the community I ever so loved, imploded from the inside and out. I believe we’ve played a part in it, but outside forces supplied the goods. This has been a common occurrence in many black communities for decades” (Tyrome Lee, Jr.).


This book is subtitled “Generations” because the main character gives a great description of how various phenomena effected the generation before his and the one after. His story is told in chronological order and each chapter becomes more riveting than the previous chapter, throughout the book.


Coming Soon:

“Game Crazy: Part Two – Jurisprudence”

Game Crazy: Part One - Generations - Author: Tyrome Lee, Jr.

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