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Are you an undergraduate student that is considering attending law school? Are you currently attending law school and are curious about how law practice will be once you graduate and start your career? Are you feeling anxious, nervous, or afraid regarding being a minority in the field of law? This book provides an inside perspective of what you should know and expect before, during, and after attending law school.


The author highlights various situations and learning experiences that one may encounter while attending law school, as well as, after becoming a lawyer. Various topics are discussed, ranging from the students and professors, to time management, race relations, and heavy amounts of pressure. You will also gain insight on what to expect as a minority lawyer in the field of law. 


This book is an extremely useful guide that will help prospective and current law students and their parents prepare for the law school academic journey. If you’re unsure whether or not attending law school or becoming a lawyer is the right career choice for you, this book will definitely provide you will much needed wisdom in making your decision. Law school provides an environment that is very different than the more laid back environment that you’ve probably experienced while in undergrad, so you don’t want to be caught off guard. You should read this book to ensure that you are mentally and spiritually prepared before taking that journey!

Black Lawyer Confidential: Keys to Success - Author: Johnnie L. Finch, Jr. ESQ.

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