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From adolescence, we have been taught to give the 1st tenth of our earnings in the form of tithes. Furthermore, we have been taught to do so CHEERFULLY. For many of us going through the motions, we return home only to be faced with a not-so-cheerful reality that our finances SUCK. Whether we are living paycheck to paycheck or on government assistance, the cheer of giving is often overshadowed by a grim financial situation. If we are trained to give the 1st tenth, how are we struggling with nine tenths? Why has no one taught us what to do with the remainder of our money, the nine tenths? Very good questions! I am here to walk you through being, not good, but GREAT stewards of the money that you have been blessed with. Welcome to the best advice you will receive. 


Welcome to financial freedom! 


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Nine Tenth - Author: Dr. Clement Ogunyemi