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“Game Crazy” continues with Tyrome trying to manage the agony of accepting the reality of a tremendous loss. He experiences grief while trying to decipher whom his allies and enemies are. Tyrome’s father is released from prison for the first time in fifteen years and they take their hustle on the road. The story comes to an apex when multiple characters become entangled in a web of deceit and are prosecuted for various crimes. Tyrome is forced to watch those he once loved and respected, turn their backs on the principles that bonded them to the ethics of the game. It’s the same crazy game, but this time, the law is pulling the strings as the blind lady dishes out justice. The Saga Continues… Pre-Release Begins: July 16, 2019Official Release Date: August 25, 2019 *Ordering during Pre-Release ensures that you receive a copy that will be shipped on the Official Release Date without the book being sold out. Reserve your copy today!

Game Crazy: Part Two - Jurisprudence - Author: Tyrome Lee, Jr.

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